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About our Fees

In accordance with the Association of Anaesthetists guidance, we aim to be open about our fee structure, so that you know in advance of the likely costs involved.

All BCA Anaesthetists are 'fee recognised' but not 'fee assured' by the major insurance companies, and are therefore able to set their own individual fees. This means that the insurer will pay us up to the maximum on their fee schedule. In the vast majority of cases our fees will not exceed your insurers rates, and if this is likely to occur the consultant will contact you directly before your procedure to discuss this. Alternatively you can use the calender feature to find the anaesthetist for your date and email any query to them.

None of the BCA anaesthetists have been de recognised by BUPA following the recent fee dispute.

Each procedure has a OPCS code made up of a letter and 4 digits. This code determines the fee charged. Below are links to the major insurers fee schedules so you can check your level of cover, and compare your insurers rates to their competitors. 

 Plastic Surgical fees are not included in most insurance policies and the likely anaesthetic fee can be obtained from the Surgical Consultant's secretary.

Whilst we will strive to work with your insurer to minimise any excess, please be aware that the level of reimbursement from many insurers has fallen in real terms over the last decade. Additionally, your policy may have an excess for which you are liable.

If you are paying for your treatment on an 'Inclusive Care' package your anaesthetic fees will be paid directly by the hospital.

Fees for Routine admissions to Intensive or High Dependency Care are paid directly by the Spire Hospital.